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This Agreement, also referred to as the “Agreement,” outlines the terms for your use of the website “www.jaipuriclothes.com” (the “Website”) and pertains to the products available for purchase on the Website. By placing orders for products on this Website, you are expressing your consent to the terms specified in this Agreement.


Product Offering: The Website presents certain products (“Products”) for sale. When you place an order for these Products, you are acknowledging your agreement to the terms set forth in this Agreement.

Customer Communication: Unless you inform our call center representatives or direct sales representatives of your preference to opt out from future company communications and solicitations, you are consenting to receive emails and call solicitations. You have the option to opt out through an opt-out link in email solicitations or by sending an email.

Proprietary Rights: Jaipuri Clothes holds proprietary rights and trade secrets regarding the Products. You are not authorized to resell any Product manufactured and/or distributed by us.


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